This spring produces about 10 million gallons a day.
It supplies all the water to the farm.

Crystal Lake History

In a secluded valley seven miles east of Ava on Hunter Creek Road, a unique family business flourishes. A pristine spring flows ten million gallons of water daily and gives sustenance to the Crystal Lake Fisheries trout farm established in 1951 by Dwight M. and Mary Alice Emerson.

The farm’s original thirty acres has grown to a little over two thousand acres, and also has a number of Missouri Fox Trotting horses, and an abundance of wildlife.

The original primitive cabin had only a pot-bellied stove for heat, no telephone and no electricity at first. Dwight did have electricity installed before he brought his wife and three small children there to live. Two years later a fourth child was born there in the Ozarks. The cabin has now been replaced by a large family home and office combination.

Continuing in the family tradition, the middle son Marvin manages Crystal Lake Fisheries as CEO and President and the youngest son, David, performs duties as Vice-President and Operations Manager. Sister Nancy contributes consistently to the ongoing operations of the facility. The Emerson Family now has 5 generations of fish feeders!

The goal of Crystal Lake Fisheries is to supply live rainbow trout to your stream, pond or lake; therefore, providing you with a wholesome family oriented activity – trout fishing – where one can experience the success of really catching a trout, taking it home and eating it.

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